You’ll get a $500 check from St. Louis. How to Make an Appointment and Fill Out the Form


The very first day which has been scheduled for all of you has been the day of Saturday and this day has been set for the people to apply for the St. Louis Covid relief payment which has been dollar 500.

Now not just The United way of greater St. Louis has been in this helps but now the city has also been following with it just with the aim to show up more and more help to all those residents just by giving payments and with the online process and also the help the residents could get us of navigation also.

Saturday: The day decided for the applications for the city‘s direct payment plan and that has been for the COVID-19 relief act.


There are certain qualifications and eligibility rules also which are to be followed and to be fulfilled forgetting of the payment to the eligible residence also.

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Those include that you must be a member or a resident of the city of St Louis of course. And then comes the income threshold so that applies for the application that you must be earning under the 80% of the median income of the area that is preferably the most important part to be fulfilled to get off the payment.

Also the criteria includes the loss of income that this giving of the payment is for those residents who have been suffering or have suffered a lot of loss income loss due to COVID-19 pandemic crisis and there have been certain reasons for the loss of income that must be the job loss funeral expenses and also that income loss which has been bent into the treatment of people who has been positive for the Covid.


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