You Could Receive Two Stimulus Checks This Winter. Here’s Why?


So the real update comes is that a second round of stimulus checks could be on the way so there are certain steps which you need to prepare for it which are detailed and updated in the following manner.

So as like the first round was, but those cheques which previously what is there in the first round was based on your past federal tax returns.

According to the Senate majority Leader, the statement he has been giving was on the day of Friday about the Congress, which was that Congress will going to be decide whether they will be passing a coronavirus relief package that would be entitled as the final package, and which will be very soon be finalised in the coming weeks.


The discussion now a days basically on the look at the fourth stimulus check in the final bill.

IRS: there has been an extension by the IRS in the federal income tax filling, and update of this has been that the federal income tax filling deadline has been changed and it is now to the July 15 from 15 April, in this current year. This has been updated and change just because of the challenges which are being faced due to the coronavirus COVID-19.

Also IRS has been working upon to deploy millions of people checks and that is so at one time, the checks of up to dollar 1200 which will be per individual and on the married couple is the cheque would be amounting to dollar 2400.

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There has been one more update which has been came, benefiting for the family a lot. So there has been a decision which has been made for the children who are 17 years and above the 17 years of age and also for the non-citizens, to these the eligibility criteria has been opened for both the first and for the second payment but the situation has been framed that if the proposal goes through or not.


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