With Corruption Ties, This Family’s Latest Drama: The Christmas Shooting of an Affluent Long Island Couple by Their Son


There has been some update on details about the Christmas Day shooting and that has been for a fabulous and amazing wealthy long island couple.

And this couple has been shot by their son, hulking bodybuilder son Who has been framed as the latest chapter of the family and for whose lives and survival had been checked all the boxes for a reality TV show.

So the family has been consisting of a husband who has been the most hard-working and a company owning man and then comes The husbands wife who is the trophy wife Matron Of the entire house.


And then is the entry of their son who has been far away from the family businesses and is not at all interested in getting involved in the work of the family business and they had their lively stay in a mansion, Nassau County Mansion dear all these have been taking place.

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Now it was 25 December the Christmas morning and it was the morning time around 10 AM where there was a loud explosion of the family stress and tension when their son, The muscle bound Hulky son named Dino Tomassetti- The 29 year old freaking man Who come up and eventually short his dad- Rocco in the back and then coming to the next he also sought his mom after then, Vincenza.

Dino, allegedly what both his parents his dad and his mom. She did not pay heed to both of them and sought his 65-year-old father and 64-year-old mother. Also, there has been reports which came from the police team which says that he shot his dad in the bath and shot his mom in the head.


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