Will You Be Receiving a Stimulus Cheque From the State of California? Before the 17th of December, 803,000 Payments Will Be Made


Last week the state of the California had began distributing around 803,000 Golden State Stimulus payments which are worth of roughly around $563 million.

The breakdown for the latest distribution of around $600-$1,100 payments is 800,000 paper checks which are mailed to qualifying residents and 3,000 direct deposits and according to Andrew LePage, a media liaison is with the state’s Franchise Tax Board.

The Golden State Stimulus II program has been issuing from these pandemic aid payments since the early September and will have to continue to do it so until all the eligible taxpayers had been received for their checks.


Recipients with qualifying had been dependent to get an additional of around $500.

The GSII program has been funded by the federal and had state pandemic aid which is for those who earned below $75,000 in adjusted gross income which has been reported on their 2020 year tax returns.

A similar program had been conducted like Golden State Stimulus I which was created for low-income residents which is earning less than $35,000.

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We had been asked by LePage to update us on the state of the GS II program.

The tax board had reminded us all that the IRS and California had been differently adjusted to the gross income eligibility which has requirements for the stimulus payments. “Therefore, there are many instances where the taxpayer might have received the federal stimulus but not in the California stimulus,” the FTB had said.

Have you ever moved or changed the banks? Either of these scenarios is applicable, you will likely to get a paper check.

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Did you also owe the state money (or break-even)? The state notes that if you are not getting any refund, you had probably does not provide bank account information for there direct deposit. In this case, qualifying residents will going to receive their GSS II payment in there mail account.


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