Will There Be Fourth Stimulus Check As The COVID-19 Omicron Variant Is Making A High


Despite pleas from customers grappling with the enduring financial effect of the epidemic, lawmakers have showed no evidence of drafting legislation to issue a fourth stimulus check. However, this might all change if a new strain of coronavirus known as omicron needs more lockdowns.

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Omicron is the most recent COVID-19 variation discovered by scientists. The World Health Organization categorized the new coronavirus strain, initially found in South Africa, as a variation of concern, owing to the fact that it may be more transmissible than earlier COVID variants.

Because the omicron variety is so young, there is still a lot we don’t know about it. However, preliminary research suggests that it may be far more infectious than previous generations of the virus. In reality, while it resembles the delta version, which propagated quicker than the original virus, it may be much more infectious and spread faster than delta.


The good news is that it is unclear whether it produces more or less severe sickness than previous strains, or whether the vaccinations that have already been created will continue to be effective against it. And there is some evidence that it may induce more minor sickness.

Despite the uncertainties, omicron has already provoked action from international leaders, with several imposing new limits in an effort to curb its spread. President Joe Biden is one of these leaders; in response to worries about the variation, the president recently halted travel from South Africa.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease expert in the United States, has stated that Americans must be prepared to do “everything and everything” to combat the spread of the new variety. Fauci went on to add that while it is “too early to determine” if lockdowns will be necessary, Americans should “be prepared for the worst.”

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If government authorities impose further limitations that result in business closures, the economic recovery in the United States will be slowed. More lockdowns would almost certainly result in significant job losses.

When the coronavirus pandemic was initially reported in March 2020, the United States lost 701,000 jobs in a month, the most since the 2009 recession. Further lockdowns might have a similar impact, particularly if there are doubts about whether a vaccine would be successful in slowing the spread and returning people to work.

When the first lockdowns happened, lawmakers took bipartisan action, adopting two stimulus packages under President Donald Trump that authorized for payments to be placed into most Americans’ bank accounts.

While only Democrats signed on to the third stimulus bill allowed early in Biden’s term, Republicans are likely to join Democrats in providing a fourth check if the economy has to shut down again.

Clearly, this is a terrible situation, and presumably, this new form of the virus will be both mild and preventable by existing immunizations. If that is not the case, omicron may be the only way for Americans to receive a fourth stimulus check in 2022.

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