The White House said that Covid Stimulus Talks are Ongoing, but the Economy is Strong


White House spokeswoman said on the day of Wednesday on five January, The White House is having a constant position ongoing dialogues and that is with the US lawmakers and with anybody else on the seamless funding of COVID-19 but to be noticed the current economy has been impairing very bold and strong stated by her.

Washington: The place has been very different in where we are now than we were six months or a year ago! As stated by Jen Psaki to all the reporters presented at the White House, mentioning economic growth, then the job creation and then the law employment levels and finally mentioning the higher vaccination rates. These factors have been the major factors for having a difference I am making a difference of Bieber then and our position now.

Psaki states that, there has been a constant conversation made continuously, and then she adds up to the most trembling statement when she says that there has been no specific comment by her on any kind of potential new actions which should be taken but she just want to comment that there has been a constant conversation which is going on for so long.


There has been US private payrolls in the recent economic data which has been found that shows that US private payrolls have been increasing more than expectations and also in addition the strong holiday retail sales.

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Then comes the most important topic that the fast spreading virus of the COVID-19 that is Omicron, The starting phase of the widespread virus, this has been reduced in some sectors and also has been cancelling a lot of events.

It has been seen that most of the event has been cancelled or postponed due to this virus and staffing unemployed is also disrupted just because of the positive tests and omicron cases.

The report which came from the Washington post earlier was that the Democratic and Republican members of the Congress have been in discussion regarding the another possible round of the stimulus check of COVID-19.


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