Whenever The Show Doesn’t Go On: Covid Cancellations Rock Broadway


Trying to cancel random concerts can only be detrimental since it “threatens the entire assurance that a product will take place,” according to Ted Chapin, a longstanding industry figure and former president of the Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization.

It would have been great if Covid could calm down, but it appears that we may be stuck in this situation for longer than we would like at this moment when people aren’t being as cautious as they should be.

However, patrons appear to be flocking to shows so far. According to Victoria Bailey, founder, and director of the organization Theater Development Fund, which operates the TKTS booth in Times Square, the cancellations are still “a modest number of performances relative to the whole.”


We’re excitable of that because we all seem to have this underlying worry in the industry: ‘We need this to last.'” We need to do this to go on for a long time. We need to keep this continuing.’ But not for the average consumer.”

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Some shows are surviving thanks to understudies. However, there are times when there aren’t enough substitutes available, especially for new shows.

Compensation is one unanswered question. Even when performances are canceled, most shows have compensated company members so far, but it is unclear whether this will continue.

Cancellations are also occurring in other areas. In London, where theatres have fewer severe safety requirements, cancelled shows have become commonplace. A performance of the ballet “Don Quixote” at the Opéra Bastille in Paris was cancelled this week due to positive cases among the group.

In Washington, the Kennedy Center stated on Wednesday that a touring performance of “Ain’t Too Proud” will be postponed for 13 days because to breakthroughs cases.

Melissa Castor, a 31-year-old computer programmer, would still be at home on Long Island on Saturday after she learned on Twitter that the “Freestyle Love Supreme” performance she had planned to see that night had been cancelled.

She explained, “I was dissatisfied, but I didn’t have to buy an airline ticket or a hotel room, and I knew going in that the concert could be cancelled.” This is the epoch in which we find ourselves.

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