Washington – and America – Mark the Anniversary of the Capitol Riot


The Black Day of America on Jan 6, 2021, has seemed to push away lawmakers as further apart as possible.

The national crisis and anyway did not pull the country together. It already pushed the boundaries further away.

And for now, the anniversary of Capital Riot held on 6 January 2022 has divided the country in a really worst way.


Washington and America stand divided on a remembrance that can be largely attributed to their political party while the lawmakers of the country are pondering upon how to get a torn nation like this to get united back together.

Even a president like Donald Trump, who has always told his followers to be fair and legitimate, has started to tell them to start a “fight like hell”.

This thing can lead to consequences like none other and is a thing which should be stopped, or else it would lead to the generation of a new era, and that too not a good one.

“One thing that people should consider when thinking about Jan. 6 is … people should think about the fragility of democracy,” said Joanne Freeman, a professor of history and American studies at Yale

Freeman also added, “We’re at a moment where things that people have taken for granted about the working of a democratic politics can’t be taken for granted anymore.”

The aftermath of the first anniversary hangs tight on the citizens of America, on the political parties, on the Democrats and makes them ponder upon the deep relationships that have been torn apart from that day.

6 January 2021, created a dark Day in the History of America.


Take note of where Biden opted to deliver his anniversary speech on January 6th

One year after the Capitol Riots, Trump’s grip on the G.O.P. remains unmatched

On January 7, there was a possible prelude to a more serious democratic split

“The lack of freedom of movement — without fear — is not there at the Capitol. And I’m a member of Congress,” Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y said.

He had also asked our president Joe Biden to declare January 6th as a National Day of Healing.


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