Victoria Politics: Pandemic Debate Postponed as MP’s Daughter Attacked


As discussions continue, the renegade MP responsible for postponing Victoria’s contentious pandemic legislation has warned that he “cannot be paid off.”

Adem Somyurek has returned to parliament after stating earlier this week that he would not vote for the contentious law.

When parliament adjourned on Friday, the planned laws came to a standstill.

Demonstrators opposing the bill threatened numerous MPs, including the Premier and three crossbenchers, in Melbourne this week.

On Friday, Animal Justice MP Andy Meddick said that his daughter Kielan had been attacked, escalating the threats.

In Fitzroy, she was pursued and attacked by a guy who flung a spray can at her, creating a 3cm cut on her head.

In the weeks coming up to the debate, Mr Meddick, a proponent of the pandemic legislation, received threats and unsettling mail.

The attack is being investigated by police.

The progressive Victorian MP has previously claimed death threats against his family and employees, as well as receiving a used condom in the mail.

Mr. Meddick’s family had been blackmailed with being shot and his children had been taken before to Friday’s tragedy.

He claimed he felt the attack was related to his employment as an MP and the opinions he’d taken on pandemic preparedness. The incident was denounced by Premier Daniel Andrews.

Protesters supporting the “kill the bill” protests conducted on the steps of Victoria’s parliament in recent days have been chastised for engaging in violent and unsettling behaviour, including the march of a makeshift gallows through Melbourne’s streets.

Premier Daniel Andrews has received death threats, and opponents of the bill have frequently revealed the addresses of Labor MPs and at least one top health official in a social media group with over 13,000 followers.

This week, a guy was also detained for allegedly making murder threats against the Premier and inciting anti-lockdown demonstrators to carry firearms to the protests.

On Friday, Mr Andrews went on national television and accused the Prime Minister of lying about the violent anti-government riots.

He also stated that it was time for Australians to reclaim their life and that state and territory authorities needed to begin reducing pandemic powers.

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Victoria’s contentious pandemic rules might be drastically altered, with Daniel Andrews now compelled to personally bargain with opposition crossbenchers in order to pass the legislation.

The administration is anticipated to make a number of concessions, including the elimination of vaccination mandates and more independent inspection.

If the bills are not passed, it is possible that the country’s severe state of emergency rules would be prolonged.

Labor has previously depended on crossbench MPs Fiona Patten, Andy Meddick, and Samantha Ratnam to get the bill through the upper chamber.

But Mr Somyurek’s reappearance derailed their intentions.

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