Victoria politics: Pandemic debate postponed as MP’s daughter attacked


Animal Justice Party Mp Andy Meddick believes that the attack on his daughter could be connected with
the proposed new pandemic powers in Victoria. The pandemic debate was postponed due to the incident
and the parliament adjourned on Friday.
Meddick, speaking before the police released a statement, said he suspected that the incident was due to
taking stance on the controversial pandemic bill and negotiating with the government.
Demonstrators against the bill in Melbourne had threatening multiple MPs, including the Premier and
three crossbenchers.
“Like many others I’ve been desperately worried about the comments, threats and intimidation that have
been levelled at me and my family as well as staff and, of course, my colleagues,” Mr Meddick said.
Mr Meddick – who has offered his support to new laws on the state government’s response to the
pandemic – said his “worst fears” had been “turned into reality”.
The escalating threats took nasty turn on Friday, with Meddick confirmed that his daughter Kielan was
attacked. A man threw a spray can at her, causing a 3cm gash to her head. She was chased down and
attacked in Fitzroy, reports said.
Meddick said, “Last night, my beautiful daughter Kielan was attacked on the street. I was with her in
hospital until the early hours. My deepest gratitude is with those nearby who helped her when she was
most in need, and to the wonderful carers and health workers who have treated her since.”
“She will be ok – but it will take time,” Meddick tweeted on Friday afternoon.
Premier Daniel Andrews condemned the attack. “These actions are extreme, and no matter why it
happened – this behaviour must be condemned and never, ever excused,” he said.
However, all MPs were invited to a security briefing with police on Friday afternoon, unrelated to the
incident, following growing safety concerns.


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