US Treasury Pushes Back as Budget Office Warns Biden’s Bill Will Swell Deficit – as It Happen


The House is scheduled to vote on the $2 trillion Build Back Better bill this evening.

According to the neutral Congressional Budget Office, contrary to Biden’s claim that the climate change and social policy package would pay for itself, it would instead increase the government debt.

The Treasury Secretary disagrees. This issue is likely to come up during the package’s legislative debate.

The White House is considering a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

However, senators Todd Young and Tim Kaine appear to be planning a diplomatic boycott independent of the White House.

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Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has granted mercy to Julius Jones, a death row convict who was scheduled to be executed on Thursday afternoon.

Stitt, a Republican, acted with hours to spare before the planned state killing, acting on a recommendation by the state pardon and parole board.

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