US lawmakers visit Taiwan twice this month


America reiterated its support to Taiwan as five members of the US House of Representatives visited Taiwan Thursday. It was the second such group from the US visiting Taiwan. Earler, President Joe Biden had also invited Taipei to his planned democracy summit.

The US delegation reached Taiwan after celebrating Thanksgiving with US troops in South Korea. The five lawmakers have been in East Asia on a Thanksgiving trip to Japan and South Korea.

The group, led by Mark Takano, chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, includes Colin Allred and Sara Jacobs, as well as Slotkin and Mace.


“When news of our trip broke yesterday, my office received a blunt message from the Chinese Embassy, telling me to call off the trip,” Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin, one of the delegates, wrote on Twitter.

Nancy Mace, the only Republican in the group, tweeted her arrival with a selfie and the words “Just touched down in the Republic of Taiwan”.

Taiwan is officially known as the Republic of China. However, those who are supporting its independence often use the phrase Republic of Taiwan.

China has been opposing the use of ‘Taiwan’.

American support is increasing at a time when China’s leader Xi Jinping is taking an aggressive approach against the island.

According to China, democratic Taiwan its own territory and has been making efforts to diplomatically isolate the country.

Taiwan is only recognised by 15 other nations.

Xavier Chang, a spokesman for Taiwan President’s Tsai Ing-wen, said the visit demonstrated the “firm Taiwan-US friendship” and “solid bipartisan support for deepening ties” in Congress.

The American Institute in Taiwan, Washington’s de facto embassy, said the two-day visit would involve “US-Taiwan relations, regional security, and other significant issues of mutual interest”.

Though the United States has no official ties with Taiwan, it is the island’s most important international backer and arms supplier.


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