Update on the 4th Stimulus Check: The Monthly $2K Request has Nearly 3 Million Signers


A number of signatures urging the federal government to award Citizens of America with $2,000 monthly stimulus cheques for the length of the COVID-19 epidemic is just over 20,000 signatures short from attaining its 3 million signature objectives.

Stephanie Bonin of Denver, Colorado started the Change.org petition in 2020. It seems to have become a rallying point for Americans urging Congress to provide supplemental financial support as many Americans struggle to come to terms with the ongoing pandemic’s aftermath.

“I’m requesting that Congress immediately provide families with a $2,000 payment for adults and a $1,000 payment for children, as well as continuing daily check for the period of the financial meltdown,” the petition states. At the time of writing, it had nearly 2,779,000 signatures—just over 21,000 short of the 3 million goals.

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While it is doubtful that Congress would move in the near future to offer extra stimulus checks to Americans, progressive senators originally broached the notion of regular monthly payments in 2020. Since then, more than 80 Democratic politicians have officially supported the concept of monthly direct stimulus payments.

Several other Change.org petitions have amassed tens of thousands of signatures encouraging Congress and/or President Joe Biden to act and offer additional financial assistance to Citizens of America. People are requesting at least another fourth stimulus check, as well as normal monthly payments.

Whereas the White House appears unwilling to approve more stimulus payments at this time, Democrats have emphasized the larger child tax credits included in the American Rescue Plan. This well-known program provides $300 per month to parents of children aged 5 and under, and $250 per month to parents of children aged 6 to 17.

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