U.va. Should Pay $1 Million to the Victims of the 2017 Demonstration, According to the Student Government.


The University of Virginia’s Student Council has called to the university to give around $1 million to support the victims of violence of the year 2017 which Unite the Right rally and had to apologize for its lack of response during the rally’s torch-light which marched through Grounds.

The council had approved a resolution at November 30 meeting, just a week after the Sines vs.

Kessler lawsuit in the plaintiffs, who were the victims of rally violence and had been sued by the organizers for the purposefully planning and had to put on a violent demonstration.


“The calls on the UVa administration is to acknowledge its complacency in the events by drafting a formal letter of an apology to those who are impacted, with specific interest in those students, faculty, staff, and community members who were physically or emotionally harmed,” the resolution had states.

“The calls on the University of Virginia to further support all the plaintiffs of the civil trial and the survivors of the August 11 and 12 white supremacist attacks by allocating aside around $1 million dollars that would go to them in direct way,” the resolution states.

Council had also called on itself to come and donate around $700 to support all the plaintiffs of the civil trial and other survivors of the rally and had been urged students to also support the plaintiffs and survivors through there donations being collected by Congregate Charlottesville, a non-profit, religious-based organization who is working for social justice and helping those who are in need.

UVa officials had said that they are aware of the resolution.

They had noted that the President Jim Ryan “had directly acknowledged its ways in which the university could have been handled these events better, and had apologized, in one of his first acts as a president.”

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UVa also covered its medical expenses post-insurance for those who were injured at the rally and covered the costs of a September 24 Concert for Charlottesville featuring the Dave Matthews Band that had raised around $1.5 million for Heal Charlottesville.


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