Trump Reveals He Received a Covid-19 Booster Shot: The Crowd Applauds


The present news is about former President Donald Trump who has been revealing about his personal receiving of the booster shot that is for the COVID-19 vaccine, he has been also referring that he has been drawn from a crowd in Dallas.

New York: The former President Donald Trump has been receiving a booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine also with this has been revealing that the drawing boos from a crowd.

This disclosure has been made by Donald Trump on the Sunday night, it was during the final stop of the history tour which is a live show, perfectly called a live interview show in which he has been performing with the former Fox news host that night.


There has been other world leaders also and also including the former Vice President Mike pence, vice president Kamala Harris, also president Mr Joe Biden, who all has been receiving the doses and also revealing them in the public with an aim for promoting the life-saving medicine which is very important these days as a situation has been worsen.

Each and every step has been made by the administration also and the leaders also for publicly promoting the recommendations of the vaccine and booster shots which are getting very important.

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on the month of September, A statement also was shared of Donald Trump when he was telling that he will not be getting a booster shot. He was sharing the statement with the Wall Street Journal in an interview.

The US has been in urge To all the Americans who has been eligible to get booster shots which is completely very important and they should get a booster shot as soon as possible. The country has been facing a surge in the Covid 19 vaccines and the new contagious variant which has come up Omicron.


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