Trump decisive player in McCarthy’s race


Many political observers are wondering whether the former President Donald Trump would endorse Kevin McCarthy, who serves as House Minority Leader in the House of Representatives since 2019, for the speaker’s post.

Though it is still speculation, it reiterates Trump’s role in making crucial decisions in the Republican party. It also gives an impression that Trump has the power to make or break McCarthy’s quest for the speaker’s race.

If McCarthy gets the support of the former President, it will act as a significant twist in the political career of the California Republican.

Some of the loyal supporters of Trump have recently voiced increasing skepticism against McCarthy. Their votes will make a crucial deference if McCarthy gets the nod for speakership. The hardline House Freedom Caucus, which is basically a supporters’ club for Trump’s fiercest defenders, is comprised of around 40 members. McCarthy will get a boost if Trump chooses to remain neutral in the contest. At the same time, if Trump opposes the candidature of McCarthy, it could be curtains for his campaign. McCarthy requires 218 votes to clinch the speakership on the floor. This scenario makes the stand of Trump more crucial for the fortunes of McCarthy.

“Leader McCarthy is an important partner in President Trump’s effort to win back the House of Representatives with strong Republicans who will fight for his America First agenda,” Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich said in a statement.

“Kevin has his full support. But if he came out against him, it would be ugly,” GOP Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama was quoted as saying in reports.

Many Republicans are of the view that Trump will eventually support McCarthy if Republicans win back the House next year. McCarthy was one of the staunchest supporters of Trump. Besides, the situation might change also if Trump would to run for president in 2024.


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