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Triple Pre-Omicron Record: The rising U.S. Covid-19 Cases

Crossing old daily levels in recent weeks, the omicron variant has caused an outbreak of a lot of new cases.

As the United States is begging to set new records of the coronavirus epidemic, it will soon reach a triple pre-omicron record.

Experts are debating on the use of other long-term metrics to measure the impact of Covid-19 and to get the numbers.


On Thursday, in a row of seven- days average of new cases exceeded 600,000 for the first time.

According to a Washington Post report.

But because omicron appears to cause mild illness and is only highly contagious, some of the world’s leading experts say the most important figures are covid-19 hospitalization.

Governor Kathy Hochul, of New York, said hospitals should report how many patients were hospitalized because of their covid symptoms compared to those with secondary illnesses.

In recent days, however, there has been evidence that full hospitalization data may not tell the exact story, either.


Forced to rethink mild COVID due to omicron

Uk Death from Covid-19 has crossed 150,000 Since the Omicron Surge

Experts Discuss how Omicron Alters Infection Risk

 Hospitals across the country have reported significant differences in the recent increase in patients.

In some facilities, a large portion of HIV-positive patients were initially diagnosed with certain diseases and their covid infections were diagnosed by accident.

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