Three people are killed and several more are injured in car accidents on snow-covered Kansas highways


There have been the latest updates that there have been found three people who have been found dead who were suffering from the injuries specifically some fatal injuries and that has been during the car crashes which took place on the first day of the year 2022.

So, the conditions and some reports have been keen which states that the road conditions were seriously like snowy and icy conditions which have been blamed for being the reason of the crashes and also which has been becoming the reason two leading to many of the other injuries accidental situations and I have been sending motorists two local hospitals because of that.

There have been some crashes that are being reported by the Kansas Highway Patrol we are some social media and crash logs which have been for the first January of 2022.


Some investigations were made on the highways and found that there have been a lot of cases which has been coming from this highway and all the cases are of crash cases which are leading to the injuries to people and motorists and making it a case of going to the hospital and some treatments have been very fatal.

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The report which has been coming is that only Kansas highway patrol, there has been found non-injury crashes which are around 51 then there have been found injury crashes which are around 20, also them there has been found some of the deadly crashes which are around two and also which has been caused three death.

There was an old woman around 47 years of age who stopped in the road who is badly killed, this happened when from behind she was been hit on the day on Wednesday and the time is around 1 PM in Haskell County.


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