Thousands Demonstrate in Prague in Opposition to the Covid Vaccine Mandate


Just receiving another breaking news about covid vaccine which has been mandated.

So getting on to the news there have been several people like in thousands who Abby marched which is towards the capital of Czech and that is also to protest.

The Maa protest has been for the vaccination rendition and that is also a certain groups which has been particularly including the people who have age above 60.


We have just got the statement that the participants who were there they were not having the face coverings and they were not even following the distancing social distancing rules which were being supervised.

On doing this it was been stated that there was one person who was present there and he was also detained for this thing.

The government has been stating that they are releasing order and that order is to making of the vaccination to the most important part that is mandatory and this is happening this week only.

The comet also provided the additional information that the vaccination mandatory is for the age 60 and people above the age 60 and also those people who have been medically not supported and also the police officers because it is very important to them and also the firefighters and most importantly comes for medical students.

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Also the most freaking part comes when the administration decides to replace the prime minister and they have been replacing Prime Minister Andrej Babis which will be replaced by a new government which will be forming the five parties winning parliamentary election which had been planned for the October.

Also the next week new government will be colliding with us so it has been confirmed updates and also the country recently will be facing a record search which will be in the new infections as they have been number of new cases which has been declining this week so it is a very good news for us start the number of cases has been in the decline stage.


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