This State Has Proposed $200 Stimulus Checks for Its Residents in Time for Christmas


Illinois senators have suggested a $200 one-time stimulus payment as a means to assist families before Christmas.

The suggestion was made by Republicans in the state’s House of Representatives.

If the idea is approved, single filers earning less than $75,000 will receive $200, while joint filers earning less than $150,000 will receive $400.


The idea, according to Republican State Representative Tom Demmer, is to do what the federal check has done for their folks.

He emphasized that, while there isn’t enough money to solve everyone’s problems, it may be enough to make a difference. It might be used to pay bills or buy groceries for an extra week.

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Another set of $1,100 checks will be mailed out to California residents on November 29, just in time for Christmas shopping.

The Golden State Stimulus II initiative will provide cash rewards to 9 million Californians.

They must earn between $1 and $75,000 per year and have filed their taxes for the year 2020 by Oct. 15.

Payments are delivered in batches based on the zip codes on the tax returns of the filers.

Between Nov. 29 and Dec. 13, Californians with zip codes ending in 585-719 will get their payouts.

Starting in January 2022, Social Security recipients will notice an increase in their monthly payouts.

Because of the rise in COLA this year, the average check will now be roughly $1,600 per month.

The increase in 2022 will be 5.9%, the biggest since 1982.

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