The Wife of a Missouri Snake Breeder Is on Trial for Her Husband‘s Death


The updates has been coming of a Missouri woman that she has been shooting and in that she killed her husband herself and also which is at his neck breeding business due to a reason.

The reason has been updated of that woman killing her husband the reason was that she was struggling and she was having a lot of burden of finance she was very much under financial burden said the prosecutor on the day of Monday.

Due to that under pressure of financial situation she realise that she has the beneficiary of amount of dollar 1 million which is of the life insurance policy and she suddenly realised under close eyes that the life insurance policy of her own husband could help her in fighting from the financial situation she was suffering.


There has been a lot of opening statements on the day of Monday which are given by prosecutors and the defence.

What she stated to the police that she had initially Brierley told that her husband who is crushed under and that took his death to take place.

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And then she stated that he was crushed by the snake that his bleeding and his sales business which was in the new Florence.

Michael admitted that Lynlee Who was not present when her husband was being shot he was surely stating of the statement that she was been found there at the time of death of her husband he also stated that she was at that time was with Humphrey.

She had been continually making the opening statements to safeguard herself at one place.

She also admit that she also employee at her spa and according to her she says that that person that employee had some role in killing of her husband as he was present at that time it was also the statement supported by Humphrey.

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The most freaking part of the news found when the time of killing Ben Renick had been processing of word of selling his neck breeding business and for that he was getting in amount of around dollar 1 .2 million which is a big amount for that business.

On another side Shaw had been not charge for the murder.


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