The Victim of A Taylorsville Car Accident Is In Critical Condition


Two adolescents were sent to the hospital on Saturday after being hit by a car around 2700 West and 6200 South in Taylorsville.

Four teens were crossing the intersection of 2700 West and Matterhorn Drive (6385 South).

A car traveling southbound on 2700 West hit two of them. The adolescents’ actual ages are unclear, however they are thought to be between the ages of 13 and 14.


According to Taylorsville Police Chief Brady Cottam, the collision occurred at 7 p.m.

One of the two teens in the hospital is in critical condition, while the other is in critical condition.

Cottam had no idea where the youngsters were being treated or how they were being moved.

He did indicate that a third adolescent may have suffered minor injuries. There had been no word about the fourth adolescent. Their loved ones have been notified.

There are no flashing lights at the Matterhorn Drive crossing, but there are crossing flags. According to Cottam, there were evidence that they were possibly employing the flags. Cottam claims the adolescents had the right-of-way if they were utilizing the crosswalk. An investigation was launched to determine how well-lit the crosswalk was at the time of the accident.

The vehicle’s driver is an adult man who was accompanied by a female passenger and a youngster. They were traveling in a sedan. To Cottam’s knowledge, they were not wounded, but he did indicate the driver is assisting with the inquiry. At this point, it is unknown if alcohol or drugs were involved. The driver and occupants in his car have yet to be recognized.

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Major accident response teams remain on the site. West Jordan and Unified Police were assisting Taylorsville Police in their investigation of the collision. They will spend the next few days analyzing the situation to figure out what transpired. Cottam advised that due to the fact that it is Halloween and it is dark outside, particular precautions should be taken.

Two teenagers who were hit by a car in Taylorsville on Saturday are still in the hospital as of Sunday.

A 12-year-old kid is recuperating following surgery for brain hemorrhage. He still has multiple shattered bones that may necessitate more surgery. According to health professionals, he is likely to survive.

The other casualty, a 13-year-old kid, required brain surgery to alleviate pressure on his brain. He is in serious condition right now.

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