The Power of Play: Youth Sports’ Lasting Effect on Kids


Although finances and expenditures vary each household, one consistent element remains: youth sports enrich children’s lives.

Sports allow young people to develop, learn, and discover themselves, even if they do not go on to become the next collegiate star or the professional athlete whose jersey everyone covets.

Bussey focused on her son’s development as a result of his involvement in the Columbia Supreme basketball league. She remembers him and some of his buddies enjoying breakfast in a hotel lobby one morning before a competition began.


Instead of being noisy and boisterous, as teens are known to be, her son and the others were calm and respectful — so much so that their actions drew the notice of some older women.

The Columbia Youth Football League’s parents regard it as helping to develop their kids’ self-confidence and work ethic. Pam Dampier believes the financial sacrifice is worthwhile, especially after witnessing how far her son Tevarus has progressed as a football player.

Kobi Ross, a former member of the Columbia Supreme fifth-grade basketball team, believes that sports have a positive impact on her life and inspire her to strive more for herself and her team.

Bredun Bursey, a seventh-grade quarterback, said football is a daily part of his life and an opportunity for him to express his emotions.

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As per MU Health Care, childhood sports engagement is related with improved academic achievement, teaching children collaboration and problem-solving skills, increasing confidence and self-esteem, and providing children with a stress-relieving outlet.

Jason Grant and Rob Patterson, who both have boys in CYFL, believe that sports keep youngsters out of trouble and away from screens. It is through sports and other extracurricular activities that kids may witness other individuals who look like them or come from similar backgrounds achieve the inconceivable while earning a good living.

One of the most useful things, according to Day Dreams Foundation founder Joe Bradley, is the variety among sports. Sports have become a melting pot, and they have become a stepping stone for students to develop compassion and understanding of everyone else.

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