The Mayor Of Prosper Claims He Never Phoned 911 After Fleeing A Highway Collision With A 72-Year-Old Motorcycle.


Mayor Ray Smith says WFAA that he had no idea a motorcycle had rear-ended him because he thought it was another vehicle. He claims he left the accident to pursue that vehicle.

Prosper Mayor Ray Smith expressed his condolences to the 72-year-old biker who back wheel him inside an incident on Highway 380 near McKinney last week for the first time in public.

Rodney Carver, the biker, is still in critical condition at a nearby hospital, and officials now suspect Smith of fleeing the scene of the collision, which is illegal in Texas even if the mayor was not at fault.


Smith made his remarks at a Prosper town council meeting just hours after McKinney Police Department detectives finally delivered their account of the tragedy.

Smith was driving west on 380 in his truck when a car refused to give the right of way, turning west from a parking garage onto University even in front of his truck, causing him to slam on his brakes, according to investigators.

Carver struggled to uphold a safe braking distance off Smith’s truck and rear-ended it, according to police.

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Smith told WFAA at Tuesday night’s council meeting that he was riding in his truck with his son and never got out because he noticed another automobile speeding around him and assumed it was the one who hit him.

“Just as I was about to step out and exchange information, the car came around, and I shouted, ‘that’s the man who just hit me,'” Smith explained.

Thus according authorities, Smith chased down the car that he thought had hit his truck until it vanished.

Smith told WFAA on Monday that he had no idea Carver was in the middle of the road.

He further claimed that he never phoned 911 to report the collision.

WFAA inquired, “Did you ever call 911 after the crash?”

“I was chasing the automobile I thought hit me,” Smith explained.

Authorities came to Smith’s residence the night of the crash because another individual who observed the accident obtained his licence plate and reported it, according to Smith.

When police arrived at Smith’s house, they discovered he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

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