The Family of a Pedestrian Who Died in A Car Accident Is Looking for Answers


The family of a San Benito lady died in an auto-pedestrian collision last Tuesday (Dec. 7) wants to know what occurred.

Last Tuesday night, about 7:30 p.m., Jackelin Lopez, 19, was hit by a pickup vehicle on S. Sam Houston Blvd.

Lopez’s parents tell ValleyCentral that she has been on living assistance for more than a week. However, as of Wednesday, Jackelin’s family taken the decision to remove her from life – sustaining treatment.


“We’re all hurting, we don’t understand how to do it,” Jackelin’s mother, Nubia Bautista, added.

“We only want solutions, and that we’re dealing with everything as a family,” said Jenniffer Bautista, Jackelin’s sister.

The operator of the pickup vehicle, Jackelin, was released by San Benito cops. Lopez’s family, on the other hand, feels there is more to the tale of how Jackelin found up in the middle of the street in first time.

Something else was going on with her,” Bautista explained. “Before the accident, my daughter Jennifer was browsing through Jacklin’s Facebook, and we saw something was going on.”

Bautista stated that a witness came forward to the family, informing them that Jackeline was fleeing from two other persons she was with that night, just before she was hit.

San Benito Police told ValleyCentral that they are aware of this situation and can provide a chronology of events leading up to the collision. However, the probe is still underway.

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However, the vehicle that hit Jackelin’s mother believes it was an accident.

And, as the police investigate what occurred, Jackelin’s family is hoping that someone who knows anything would come forward.

“All we need are answers; we feel confused and cheated,” said Jackelin’s brother-in-law, Michael Root.

We felt like Jackelin was this one day and then she wasn’t the next, and it’s not right to us.” We don’t even have any solutions.”

San Benito Authorities are still investigating this matter, and anybody with information is requested to contact the department’s Criminal Investigations division at (956)-361-3880.

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