The End of Monthly Child Tax Credit Payments Affects 36 Million Families


Washington: Since July Month, in the US there have been a lot of parents who have been getting and receiving the payments which had worth in dollar. Per child, it had worth $300.

IRS updates about the last week: on the last week, the Decembers payment which the IRS has been sending to the people might be the last payment.

The most freaking part comes when we hear that now after this the 36 million households are being just to be left hanging with no path for hope.


It’s result will be like the families which has low income will be under pressure and will be more poorer and with this talking about the middle class, the middle class II will going to face a very bad time hearing this news of cancelling out the for the payments and the middle class may be under the financial stress which will be very disturbing for the family and for the survival.

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There has been a report came of a person, Taylor- 50 and this person has been a data centre architect and he has been stating that he was earning a salary which was been enough for the family who had him his wife and children. So the salary income he was been earning was just very enough for the family and for their home and cars and for bills after that he states that there had been monthly checks which were very helpful for his daughter. His daughter had autism.

Eventually family was using this stimulus checks which were monthly, its cash to pay the after-school classes and bills and teach live skills which included cooking and also the community interaction.

That money every month was entitled as a big major help because of allocating that money directly to her as stated by Taylor.

Now, Democrats had no plan for the January‘s payment which Could be saved.


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