The Death Toll From The Coronavirus In Dare County Has Risen To 25, With Five More Hospitalized


Dare County’s coronavirus death toll now stands at 25, with five persons hospitalized. Two additional Dare County individuals have died as a result of COVID-19, increasing the total number of deaths from the pandemic to 25. According to statistics given Monday by the Dare County Department of Health and Human Services, no other information was provided concerning the fatalities.

On Monday, 41 more cases were recorded, bringing the total number of resident and non-resident infections to 6,489, with 4,383 of them being Dare County residents. Among the 98 active cases recorded on Monday, five persons were hospitalized.

According to the most recent weekly vaccination numbers through Nov. 28, 69 percent of Dare County’s population was completely vaccinated, with 73 percent receiving at least a first dose.


Over Friday to Monday, 8,568 new cases of coronavirus were recorded statewide, an increase of 84% from the first week of November.

A full reports released on every Tuesday based on Dare Country’s corona virus report.

Stay updated on where COVID-19 is spreading, from cities to rural communities, to understand how it may disrupt families, trade, and travel. Follow the number of cases and fatalities in Dare County, North Carolina, as well as new cases discovered each day.

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