The Deadly Domino Effect of Covid: It’s Killing People With Other Health Issues, Too


Those who had refused to take COVID-19 vaccines are going to create a deadly domino effect, said by Dr. Marschall Runge, CEO of Michigan Medicine and dean of the University of Michigan Medical School.

They were getting sick, spreading the virus to the loved ones and with the community, while filling hospital beds and using scarce medical resources, Runge had said during a Wednesday in the news conference.

“The bottom line is COVID-19 is not only life-threatening for those who have COVID-19 virus. The surge of the COVID-19 is putting others at the risk by keeping us from delivering lifesaving care,” he had told, for everything from heart attacks to cancer to the strokes.


Runge had said that the death rate from cardiovascular disease went up to 3% in the year 2020 after the years of steady declines because people had delayed treatment.

“People were dying at home all across the state and across the nation and at Michigan Medicine because our hospitals were full. And we need the public’s help to fight with COVID-19 virus for all of us.”

The unvaccinated make up the vast majority of the hospitalized COVID-19 patients at the Michigan Medicine, he had said, and every coronavirus patient who is on a ventilator is unvaccinated still.

“It’s an dire situation across the state right at this time,” Runge had told. “The state of Michigan had reached a record high (number of) hospitalized COVID-19 patients at this week which is the highest number since the very beginning of this pandemic, now more than a year and a half had gone.”

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On Wednesday it was confirmed that COVID-19 hospitalizations topped to the Monday pandemic-setting record, rising it to 4,463 statewide. More than 86% of the intensive care unit beds in Michigan had been full.

Nine hospitals have been reported that they were at 100% capacity, and 25 others reported that they were at least 90% full.




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