The Court Has Made Its Decision, Trump Is Powerless To Prevent Records From Being Released To A Congressional Assault Panel


On Thursday, Donald Trump was dealt a severe setback when a federal appeals court rejected his bid to prevent the release of records relating to the 6 January attack on the US Capitol.

Trump is anticipated to file an appeal with the United States Supreme Court.

A House select committee is looking into the events of January 6th and the days leading up to it, when a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol in an attempt to prevent Joe Biden’s election victory from being certified. Five people died and others were injured amid images of violence that shook America and the rest of the globe.


Trump and a small group of his closest advisers have taken legal steps in response to the committee’s investigations, including refusing to participate.

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, however, ruled 3-0 that there was a “unique legislative need” for documents requested by the committee but withheld by Trump due to executive privilege, a legal doctrine that protects the confidentiality of some White House communications.

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The appeals court ordered that a temporary restraining order preventing the National Archives from handing up the materials will expire in two weeks, or when the Supreme Court rules on Trump’s likely appeal, whichever comes first.

Trump filed a lawsuit against the committee and the National Archives to prevent the release of papers linked to the insurgency by the White House. As the incumbent president, Biden had waived Trump’s executive privilege claims.

In support of the committee, US House lawyer Douglas Letter said that in almost all cases, the decision of the current president should take precedence over that of predecessors, and that both Biden and Congress agreed that the 6 January information should be turned over.

Such evidence could reveal important facts about Trump’s actions and communications in the west wing during the hours of the insurgency to the House committee. The mob was acting on his “great lie” that he would lose the 2020 election.


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