Texas’ Isaiah Hookfin After Accident: ‘that Helmet Is Probably the Only Reason I’m Alive’


Texas offensive lineman who is named as Isaiah Hook fin had tweeted on Thursday that he had been involved in a very serious motorcycle accident.

“That helmet had been probably the one and only reason that I’m alive,” he had written that in a note.

The sophomore from the Sugar Land had been tweeted a special thanks to the LS2 Helmets which is situated in the United States of America.


“Shoutout @LS2HelmetsUS had a major motorcycle accident and had been fractured in 8 ribs which got broken, my collar bone with a forearm, and a lacerated in my spleen but my head had been came back in one piece with the help of helmet which is barely looking damaged,” Hookfin had been tweeted. “That helmet is probably the one and only reason that’s why I am alive.”

A UT team spokesman had been told that the school has been well aware about the accident.

Hookfin had been also tweeted four photographs. In those photographs it had been showing two picture of his helmet and two more pictures of his motorcycle which is laying on its side.

School officials is having cringe whenever they had to hear about the athletes and motorcycles. Coaches had been generally don’t want athletes to the ride the two-wheeled scooters that are everywhere around the whole town.

Hookfin (6-5, 299) had been redshirted at UT in the year 2019 and had been played in the two games of the last two seasons for it.

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School Officials are hearing about this accident and taking precautions for all the athletes and all the other motorcycle bikers. Coaches are giving training to the athletes who want to ride on the bikes and holding themselves on the two wheeled scooters in this field has to be careful with all the precautions which are necessary.

The sophomore who had been on the Sugar Land had tweeted a special thanks to the popular LS2 Helmets which had been situated in the United States of America.


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