Take note of where Biden opted to deliver his anniversary speech on January 6th

Santa Fe, NM: A 2020 political bumper sticker on an old red pick-up truck. Close-up shot.

Joe Biden on his anniversary day speech held on January 6th gave the most forceful speech of his presidency time period so far.

You cannot be patriotic when you embrace an enable lies,” Biden spoke in the National Statuary Hall., where the speech was held.

“Those who stormed this Capitol, and those who instigated and incited, and those who called on them to do so, held a dagger at the throat of American democracy. ”the president added.


He called out former president  Donald Trump in his speech for spreading a “web of lies” about the 2020 elections.

The speech was quite different from his other speeches, in which Biden directly came upon  Donald Trump and his ego.

Joe Biden in the past has  referred to him as “not just a former president” but “a defeated former president.”

He also warned everyone about how the future of American democracy is at stake.

Not only this, but he also directly criticized the testimony of Capitol and Metropolitan Police officers who have earlier testified at the first hearing of the January 6th committee.

President said “How dare anyone to diminish, belittle or deny the hell they were put through,” he did not take names.

The president also said that Trump’s supporters are “trying to rewrite history” about the incidents that took place on that day, and continued pressing forward claims of 2020 election fraud even though “there is simply zero proof the election results were inaccurate.”

The lies that drove the anger and the madness in this place, they have not abated,” Biden said.

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Vice President Kamala Harris added to his speech and said that the events that took place on January 6th are well comparable to the Pearl Harbour and 9/11 incidents.

She added that the  Republicans had earlier made efforts to impose the new voting restrictions in quite a number of states.


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