Studies point out need for a fourth stimulus check


Many American families are yet to recover from the adverse effects of the Covid pandemic and they require financial support from the governments to make a comeback to ordinary life.

Some of the studies have pointed out the need for a fourth stimulus check for those families who are making under $100,000 per year.

Besides, many Americans found it difficult to celebrate Thanksgiving in a proper way. According to reports, it was the most expensive Thanksgiving celebration in the history of the country. The prices of food products, especially turkey, groceries and gas have surged to new record highs, making the lives of ordinary people difficult.


However, both the Federal and state governments have offered solace to the people by providing financial relief packages for distressed families.

As part of the American Rescue Plan, the US Administration allocated $1.9 trillion. Under this program, several relief packages including unemployment benefits, stimulus checks and Child Tax Credit have been offered to the people. It also provided funds for individual states based on their population.

The major objective of the American Rescue Plan was to use funds to provide relief to the people who have suffered a lot for the last two years. The state governments have also come up with good stimulus programs to provide relief to their residents. Around 10 states have been running their own stimulus check programs now.

A timely check from the state governments helped people to celebrate Thanksgiving at least moderately.

Arizona’s ongoing back-to-work program offers people who are working part-time an amount of $1,000 while those who are working full-time can receive $2000.

As per the Back to Work plan of Connecticut, the eligible people can get up to $1000 as stimulus checks.

Meanwhile, Idaho announced a one-time income tax rebate program of $248, offering benefits to more than half a million residents.


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