Struggling Americans Have Just Days to Collect $1,400 in Additional Assistance From the Stimulus Package… Do You Think You’re Qualified?


Surprise money you weren’t expecting it generally a good thing, am I right? Especially when it had involves more stimulus checks going out to the certain people, who had met a certain and very specific requirement.

In this case, we were not talking about anything that had counted as a fourth stimulus payment. And it had sixth and final child tax credit check of the year 2021 is less than a month away now.

So having said all that, here is how some of you are nevertheless getting some other stimulus check for $1,400 in the year 2022.


Giving birth this year is a deciding factor. Parents who welcomed a newborn baby at any point in the year 2021 are likely eligible for another stimulus check, for around $1,400, in the year 2022, according to a number of sources.

They would get that check upon them filing their federal taxes in the year 2022, something we had laid out in previous posts.

Technically, this shouldn’t will really count as a fourth stimulus check along with the lines of the previous three.

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That’s because those payments (for $1,200, $600, and $1,400) were totally broad-based, and was distributed to the vast majority of the Americans. The requirement of giving birth, of course had touched a much narrower slice of the population.

Meaning, this payment also doesn’t have given the federal government a nice which is widespread pop in the economy like it was hoping with those previous around three checks.

It should also had probably come as no surprise that there had been an income threshold involved here.

Single filers can’t make more than around $75,000 a year in the adjusted gross income in order to receive this much payment.

For couples? Their income has to be less than around $150,000 to get the full payment. The $1,400 starts phasing out from the incomes above those levels.

And it phases out completely for the single filers who make more than about $80,000, as well as couples who had make more than $160,000.


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