Stimulus Check Update: These families will get $3,600 in 2022


The debate on rolling out stimulus checks in the year 2022 is not over yet.

Mainly the debate is over the child tax credit that comes under the American rescue plan.

With the increasing rate of the Omicron various of coronavirus. Everybody wants the stimulus payments to be continued.


The families who, for whatever reason have not received their payments in the previous year, want a lump-sum amount of the payment to get them through this year.

Most American families have received $250 or $300 worth of payments per child in the second half of the year This sounds up to $1502 $1800. While many families did not receive their full payment or chose not to in the year 2021, so they might be getting the amount left in the year 2022.

These families, who have not received their payment, and qualify under the child tax credit would be able to get their full payments when they file their taxes in this year 2022.

$3600 would be given out to families who have children under 6 years old and $3000 would be given to families who have children, between the age of 6 and 17 years old.

Congress and the White House are still debating on the topic.

On one side, our President Joe Biden still wants to roll out the stimulus checks in 2022.

Whilst, on the other side Sen. Manchin is not on the side of the bill he said that wouldn’t vote for the bill.  But also, previously Sen. Manchin has stated that he wants the child tax credit to continue but with limited benefits.

According to the senate, there is a possibility of a year-long child tax credit extension.


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