Stimulus Check: Some State Are Offering COVID Cash After Fourth Stimulus Check


Millions of Americans have applied for a fourth stimulus check in recent days. Lawmakers, on the other hand, have moved on to talk about infrastructure and other issues.

As a result of the plight of millions of people, various states have decided to provide cash to residents in order to alleviate their financial difficulties.


California’s second round of stimulus has been in effect since late August. The next round of payments is set to begin on Monday, November 15, with the expectation that the number of checks distributed will be similar to the previous batch, which totaled 750,000.

Only these aids were given out in the first round of stimulus checks, in early 2021, to people earning $30,000 or less. Californians earning $75,000 or less are now eligible for a $500 to $1,100 stipend.

California has tapped a massive state budget surplus created by the rising stock market, unlike other states that have been making direct payments using aid provided to state and local governments in the massive COVID-19 stimulus bill signed by President Joe Biden.


In recognition of the sacrifices made during the pandemic, this state has been awarding $1,000 checks to educators, law enforcement officers, paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and firefighters.

New Mexico

New Mexico set aside $5 million for low-income residents who did not qualify for federal stimulus money. Despite providing up to $750 in emergency financial assistance to over 4,000 households, the state still has $1.4 million in its relief fund.

Officials in New Mexico accepted applications for a second round of assistance in October, aimed at citizens who didn’t even qualify for federal stimulus checks, however the delivery date has yet to be announced.


Although Texas does not have a statewide COVID program, some local school districts are providing stimulus checks in the form of retention bonuses to their employees.

The bonus in Irving, a Dallas suburb, can be as high as $2,000. Teachers in Denton will receive $500 in addition to a 2% pay raise.

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