Still No Fourth Stimulus Check, But You Can Get $1,800 Before 2021 Ends


Given that the IRS has just sent out a new wave of child tax credit payments, millions of Americans may be wondering, “Where’s my stimulus check?” right now. The new checks had a pay date of Monday, November 15, and the majority of them were distributed via electronic bank deposits.

However, a portion of the $15 billion that the IRS just distributed to 36 million people was also sent in the mail in the form of physical checks. What else is there? Another batch of these payments will be made in 2021. There is also a chance for selected families to receive a large payout of up to $1,800 very soon.

Stephanie Bonin, a Colorado restaurant owner, started a petition last year pushing for the regular stimulus checks. As a gauge of how popular this concept is? The petition is presently just short of 3 million signatures.

But, in terms of practicality, here’s where this potential sits as the year comes to a close.

The cheques that were sent on Monday are once again depositing up to $300 in the bank accounts of millions of parents.

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This will happen again in less than a month, on December 15. There’s also a chance that Democrats may extend the child tax credit extension through 2022. But, for the time being, no one believes a fourth stimulus check has any real possibility of materializing.

However, if you haven’t received your child tax credit payments, there is some excellent news. If you signed up through the IRS’s Child Tax Credit Renewal Portal by Monday?

Instead of receiving the standard-sized child tax credit in December, you will receive a super-sized one. As a catch-up, it may be as much as $1,800 to cover all of the child tax credit checks issued this year.

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