State Accident Report Offers New Details About Truck Crash on Talmadge Memorial Bridge


The recent freaking news has been coming from the WJCL 22 news which has been uncovering the new information which has been got which is about the truck accident and also shutting down the Talmage Memorial Bridge.

This update is God of the time of the afternoon on the day of Tuesday.

Also the accident May have caused the traffic headache but it has been reported that instead of this it disaster could have been seen so it is much better in a negative Side other way.


So, also the accident report has been came so they’re the detailed part has been witnessing so the situation has been same like there is a man who is driving the log truck and behind that there is a witness who have been watching all this that the driver of the log truck open the door and jump out of the truck.

Also the update has been coming that the accident was tying up traffic for several hours on to the bridge and the person who was being injured and was suffering badly due to the accident was only the driver And on the other part Smith who is in the hospital for tonight.

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The accident has been framed like the log truck. And inside there was a driver who instantly jumped out of the truck and on very that moment the truck slammed into the bridge concrete wall which was very bad all this was happening and the witness behind.

The truck who is been watching all these that is why he has been investigated as a witness who was a part of the accident when it was been taking place.

What is investigation part when was happening it was found that the trucks trading wheel was been departed from there and was on the floor but the freaking part is it was been there on the passenger side.


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