South Africa’s President Tests Positive for the Coronavirus


Now coming upon the breaking news about COVID-19 symptoms and it’s just not have been symptoms but the South Africa President has been suffering and has got the coronavirus which is very shocking for all of us.

South African president who is Cyril Ramaphosa has been tested for the Karuna virus COVID-19 and unfortunately he had been tested as positive so never shown the symptoms so that is why he’s been tested and it showed that he’s been into the sufferings of COVID-19 virus.

It has been updated that the President Cyril has been into the treatment for the mild symptoms also which has been present in his body as said by his office.


The leader who has been 69-year-old has been now self isolating himself just because of the corona symptoms he has got a phone and it has been happening in the Cape Town.

The President is being monitored as for his safety and it has been done by the South African military health services as per the statement.

Very unfortunately news that he has been delegating all his responsibility which he was having as a deputy president and that is been given to the David Mabuza and this delegation of responsibility has been given for a time span of a week which is the next one.

The delegation of the responsibility has now been returned to the South Africa President all this is happening on the day of Wednesday and it is eighth of December in the year 2021. On the same day everything has been returned back after he’s been testing his negative for the coronavirus now it is safe and he’s getting all the responsibilities back.

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Eighth of December in the year 2021 the President of South America Sir has been tested negative.

There were lot of people who had been in contact with the president and so for them it was been advised to watch them for the symptoms and also they were been advised to make themselves appear for the test for the coronavirus for their own safety it was been detected as they were with him.


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