Slovenia Opts For Fresh Round of Stimulus Measures


Even as country continues to grapple with the deadliest pandemic wave in history, the government has recommended increased aid for companies and the most vulnerable to protect them from rising prices.

Self employed people and farmers will be reimbursed in part for lost income owing to quarantined and force majeure, which has been a major source of problems as thousands of people have been compelled to quarantine without pay due to rising case numbers.

Companies, single traders, institutions, organizations, and the self-employed will also be compensated for the costs of fast testing, up to €60 per employee, according the proposed law.

Tourism businesses, which have been affected particularly hard by the lockdowns, will benefit from an extension of special tourism certificates given to all Slovenian residents last year until mid-2022.

It is anticipated that €230 million in coupons have yet to be claimed, money that may assist many businesses stay afloat as they prepare for another unpredictable winter period.

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After the government chose not to participate in the power generation other from placing the cost of heating oil under state control, one-time transfers ranging from €300 to €150 are planned for individuals with the lowest pensions as a precaution against high prices.

Comparatively tiny business and tourism associations praised the new measures, but said they anticipated more assistance if Slovenia went into another lockdown, such as furloughs and short-term labor reimbursements.



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