Single Mother Of 5 Dies in Christmas Eve Car Accident


A deadly single-fender bender on Christmas Eve ended the existence of 37-year-old Danielle Morgan. The single parent of five was going home from the store in the wake of buying more presents for her kids.

Relatives accept Morgan experienced a seizure making her vehicle leave the street and enter a dike.

They portray her as an incredible mother who never met an outsider.


Katherine Lee met Morgan over 10 years prior while working at an inn in Montgomery. Morgan was checking in and Lee says they clicked quickly.

At the point when Lee moved to Sylacauga, it wasn’t some time before Morgan and her youngsters went along.

Lee depicts Morgan as having an excellent grin that could illuminate any room. Despite the fact that she moved first, she says Morgan was a recognizable face all through the city.

“I’ve been working here 6 years,” says Lee. “She’s been here 2 years; however, she likely knows a greater number of individuals than I do. She recently had that character.”

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“You realize she didn’t meet any outsiders. She was simply cheerful. Met no outsiders. Garrulous. Assuming you saw her in one spot, she recalled that you and she planned to talk at the following spot.”

Troy Morgan says his sister was a dedicated mother and his legend. Continually putting her youngsters first. She ensured they generally had what they needed and required. Morgan says that is by and large the thing she was doing when the disastrous mishap happened.

“She was returning to observe Christmas and sadly ended up being a terrible, shocking evening,” says Morgan. “It seems like she had a seizure. Some sort of clinical occasion that made her shut down and tragically had the injury that ended her life.”

Lee ponders Christmas Day as so many of us invested energy with our families, while five youngsters spent their first occasion of numerous without their mom.

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