Since Friday, Butler Memorial Hospital Has Reported 14 COVID-19 Deaths


Since Friday, 14 patients had died from COVID-19 at Butler Memorial Hospital as of Wednesday morning. Dr. David Rottinghaus, Chief Medical Officer of Butler Health System, believes so.

According to Rottinghaus, the vast majority of those patients were not immunized. According to him, the current occurrences are part of the delta wave.

“Delta has really gone after rural America strongly,” Rottinghaus added, citing the virus’s “very infectious nature.”


Wednesday morning, Rottinghaus reported that Butler Memorial Hospital was treating 50 COVID-19 inpatients, including 10 in the intensive care unit. The figures are updated every 12 hours.

“Our numbers right now have momentarily topped our high last year in terms of total people requiring hospitalization, and it has really been prolonged out,” Rottinghaus explained.

The increase comes at a time when health-care institutions are experiencing widespread worker shortages. According to Rottinghaus, this alone generates the ideal storm.

“We’ve seen cases when it takes hours, or as you mentioned, up to 24 hours, to find an inpatient room for someone, and the same goes for transfers,” Rottinghaus said.

In Essex County, There Has Been An Upsurge In Hospitalization And Mortality As A Result Of The Covid Virus

According to Rottinghaus, those time frames alter on a daily basis depending on the number of COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 cases admitted to the hospital. The vaccination is your best line of protection against ending up in the intensive care unit or worse.

“We wish there were easy tablets, treatments, anything that worked to make people better,” Rottinghaus said. “Our biggest weapon right now is vaccination… when you look at places that are less immunized, those are genuinely getting struck harder presently.”

According to Rottinghaus, in addition to taking the vaccination, individuals should continue to exercise safe measures such as wearing a mask and washing their hands.

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