Rittenhouse Acquittal: Hundreds March Through Brooklyn, Block Traffic on Brooklyn Bridge to Protest Verdict


Hundreds march through Brooklyn and block traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge in protest at the Rittenhouse acquittal. The 18-year-old was found not guilty in the murders of two men in Wisconsin in 2020 following a night of violent demonstrations.

Hundreds of protesters marched through Brooklyn, holding placards and yelling their way from the Barclays Center to the Brooklyn Bridge, blocking traffic lanes.

The gang maintained their composure. There have been no arrests reported.

The verdict disappointed but did not surprise many people, according to CBS2’s Ali Bauman.

Around 7 p.m., protesters gathered outside the Barclays Center to listen to speakers before marching through Downtown Brooklyn and onto the Brooklyn Bridge. They stayed in defiance for a while before moving on to Manhattan.

They claim to be standing in sympathy with Kenosha, who is outraged by the Rittenhouse acquittal, which they see as a double standard and a failure of the judicial system.

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“This sets a dangerous precedent,” protester Phoebe Helander said. “I’m not sure what to do as an ordinary person, so I simply created this sign.”

“The message, fundamentally,” protester Na-Lakan Masego said, “is that when you stand up for Black freedom, when you speak up for Black life, no matter who you are, you instantly become a target of the system.”

“With just this one verdict that I believe most of us were expecting,” Public Advocate Jumaane Williams said, “it simply shows how awful we are in this society.”

“The problem of what constitutes self-defense and what does not,” Williams explained, “but it also depends who owns a gun and what they’re fighting for, and it appears that if you’re trying to say anything about Black Lives Matter or justice and equality, it doesn’t have the same weight.”

Dozens of protesters who talked with CBS2 repeated their desire for the protests to be peaceful.

One protester expressed the hope that those who see the demonstration will utilize it as a chance for self-reflection.

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