Getting Ready for Snow: Tri-State Winter Storm Warnings Issued


New York: so according to the latest updates about the winter storm warnings so these warnings were in effect for parts of Long Island and then the New Jersey.

And also additionally the rest of the Tri-state Who is also in effect, To be including NYC. This has been remaining under a winter weather advisory just because of the snow arrival across the region overnight.

As been stated, the system has been expectations for bringing out the Snow and also the high winds which were so like the quick moving storms. Sean prompting the warnings for the Suffolk County on Ocean countries in New Jersey and Monmouth and also on the long island.


By the morning timing 5 AM, this has been detected that the storm has already been dumped snow of about 4 inches in some of the areas.

And preferably in Suffolk County, had expectations were really different and the expectations by hitting to see the snow Dam around 6 to 9 inches. But the report has came from the reporter kristin thorne Who has been discovering Road which has been coated with several major inches of snow.

The New Jersey report, Plows did there best and did each and every step for keeping the roads safer, they just set a goal of keeping the roads as safe as possible but then also there was seen that the drivers have been stating some roads are there which are still treacherous.

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Also the updates were regarding the vaccine and testing sites delay opening, which were framed in the following manner.

The health Department of the New York state Department announced: and then I was meant was that the states vaccination and also in the New York City the testing sites and in the long island will going to be delay opening, and this will going to be happen until the noon on the day of Friday, the reason being of this is just due to the anticipated dangerous conditions of the weather.


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