Person Dies in Motor Vehicle Accident in Lakewood


The most freaking news is here, the death of one person which is shivering news and should be updated for all of you to get the real updates.

So according to the statement, there was one person who has been dead in a motor vehicle accident which took place on nighttime of the day of Saturday.

The update has been given according to the lake would fire department who has been witnessing this motor vehicle accident on a Saturday night and where they have been found one person dead.


So all happened when the emergency response has been receiving a call which was about the vehicle on fire and the area was been predicted the same that is Lakewood community dog park and this all happened the call came on the night time and it was about 9 PM on the day of Saturday only when did receive the call.

So after the call and updates when the fire department officials were been arriving and when they arrived the matter was been founded.

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So, the scene has been stated that there was a fully involved fire involving a pickup truck which was around 30 yards off to the road and it was all downed by the electrical wires who had some bad fire in it and it was in the wooded area which is even more dangerous at the part of fire issues.

So at last, The decision was made of firefighters who later pulled the human remains from the vehicle protecting at least the persons from that fire accident.

And investigation has been underway just to predict all what has been happened exactly.


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