Patients Admitted to the NYC COVID-Infected Hospital Account for More than 40% of All Patients Admitted


Gov. Kathy Hochul stated: So according to the new update on the data from the statistics has been shown that there are even more than 40% of the people of the state who have been hospitalized and are also corona virus-infected patients. And these patients have been admitted for non-Covid reasons and also with the ratio of about 5050 in New York City has been stated on the day of Friday

According to the update, it has been noted by the Hochul that there has been a lot of variations which are made in the different parts of the state that is so between people for Covid and for non-Covid reasons in the hospital.

Hochul has been stating during a news conference which is happening in Manhattan: where he states that Wednesday state wide figure up to 42% from 39% Tuesday.


The governor has been stating that the most interesting snapshot which is happening is actually what is going on across the state and also with this he states and adds that, but also we could see a great variation.

On the day of Thursday, and husband has been made by the state health department, who refused to release its calculation on the issues on which he said that the official needs time for ensuring the constituency and also the Data integrity.

And also according to the report, there are 50% Who are partially vaccinated or even there are some who have been and vaccinated and also there have been 50% people who have two doses of the vaccine but all this criteria News does not specify which among them have been admitted for the symptoms of COVID-19 Corona virus.

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A study has been made of 915 children and also do lessons were also present who has been hospitalized with coronavirus during the July and August month.

It has been found that there are about 78 persons who have been admitted for diseases and for that disease these people have acute symptoms while there are 20% people Who have incidental infections and admitted for those.


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