Outside a Granberry Walmart, a toddler Accidentally shoots his Mother and an Infant Sibling


There has been latest news about a Women who has been taken by the air ambulance to an area hospital and just because of the unknown condition and thereafter the baby on the other side is suffering nonlethal injuries. For more updates and details refer the following news.

on the day of Wednesday, morning time: A woman is there and her infant child who has been injured after a toddler who has accidentally fired a gun in a car has been parked outside a Granbury Walmart.

According to the Granbury police department: according to them the officers have been called to the Walmart on the US Highway 377, they have been called in the morning time and it was around 11:25 AM.


As investigated by the police, the police has been stating that there were two kids who were inside the vehicle at the time of the incident happened, and those two kids were, one was of one year old child and the other one was of a three month old child both were inside the vehicle when the incident Took place.

So as per the police report, which has been came, the bullet has been went through the soft tissues of the three month Old child’s leg and the bullet also has been vent through the mothers arm, the side of the chest area.

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The Most freaking part has been framed there we are seeing the baby’s injury which is really a life-threatening incident as stated by the police officers also. The fact which cannot be ignored is that the mothers injury is very serious but at the other side also her current condition is unknown at this present time.

According to the police, apart from these injuries no other injuries have been detected.

Also the investigation was also been on the filing of the cases and the update has been that it is not just cleared yet that what charges, there any, has been filed in this case.


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