Others Face Difficulties Filing for Unemployment Insurance Because of the Pandemic


Several individuals are looking out for the results of their efforts to pursue their cases in which they were denied from getting Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) benefits.

All through the pandemic, there have been extensive backups in the system of the Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR), and individuals are still hanging tight for answers today.

Performer Brett Pruneau told 8 News Now’s Joe Moeller that he petitioned for benefits just to be denied. He recorded an allure 6 months prior.


“Just as of late I was informed that my allure is substantial, yet it hasn’t gone any farther than that yet,” Pruneau said. “Assuming you miss your hearing, that is that. I’m checking double a day to just sort of see on the off chance that I get a warning on when I am supposed to see an adjudicator.”

Pruneau is still stressed that he will not get payments for all the time he was unable to work.

“It is my occupation, each penny of it is cash I would have acquired in the event that I was ready to work during the pandemic,” Pruneau stated.

Some have been trusting that over a year will hear anything about their payments, and individuals have been posting to a well-known Facebook assistance bunch that they are also stressed over missing their hearings.

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“Those individuals are struggling with a wide range of issues like where they should be told as far as when their allure hearing is, their allure still not being evaluated, their appeals being invalid,” Facebook page administrator Amber Hansen said.

As indicated by Hansen, the problems of individuals standing by to hear anything shift, yet some individuals are never called by DETR on their hearing date being set.

“Typically, what happens is that it tells you the date and a period you are getting a call from the appeals tribune‚Ķ there are several individuals in that string that say they sit around the entire day and no one has called,” the administrator said.

Hansen urges claimants to watchfully watch their portals for updates and to connect with Nevada Legal Services for additional assistance. As per DETR, PUA claimants will get updates on their entry, while normal unemployment pay claimants will be refreshed through a letter by means of mail.

For more assistance, individuals are prescribed to call DETR Wednesday through Friday, which are their less busy days.

DETR told 8 News Now they will give various just the number of individuals is still holding on to have their appeals heard.

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