ON JANURARY 6, there are Omicron symptoms, quarantine, and Ihu Strain Immunizations


So, there has been latest reports which are coming and updates as per Johns Hopkins, he has been stating on the day of Monday that the US has been reported over 1 million cases of the COVID-19, new fresh cases which are over 1 million.

In the US it has been observed that that test positivity rate has been reaching 22% there, also well above some where around 5% has been advised by the health officials experts.

CDC has been reported that in the US there has been the new virus of the COVID-19 that is omicron, which has been naughty presenting 95% of all the new omicron cases there, in US.


As per the last week of December updates there has been found one in 15 people who has been into the position of COVID-19 in England as observed by the national statistics of the UK office.

Hong Kong stated that it has banned flights from around eight countries which has been including Canada, UK, Australia and USA and from total of eight countries the flights have been banned.

On the day of Wednesday there had been statement made by flight aware, according to them there has been an announcement made of the cancellation of the flights and the updated news is that over 1300 flights of US has been cancelled so far on this day.

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