On Christmas Day, a Man Was Accused of Shooting Dead His Parents at a Long Island Mansion


The news which has been the latest is of a son who did a very freaking crime that he ‘ shot parents’. More details have been framed in the following manner.

Cops said: A man has been accused for a freaking shooting which has wounded his own parents on the day of Christmas on the day of Sunday in the morning. This happening has been taking place in long island mansion.

On the day of Sunday, Hassan 29-year-old named Dino Tomassetti, shot his parents. His mother who was 64year old named Vincenza and his father who was 65 year old named Rocca. He sought his both parents, mom in the head and father on the back. This incident took place at their home only on Seawane Drive in Hewlett Harbor.


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This incident has been updated by Nassau County police team who investigated about it and said that his son did this climb on the day of Saturday in the morning, it was around 10:10 AM when he did this.

For the gods sake both victims has been surviving and also are conscious and being alert . This could happen just because They were being taken to the hospital as stated by the Cops.

For this freaking crime has been remain locked up in the jail, it is Bergen County Jail.


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