Omicron Sweeps Across the Us, Account for 73% of the New Covid Cases


The new variant Omicron which has come upon has been racing ahead from all other variants and has now become the dominant version of the coronavirus.

The report on Monday says that In the US it has been accounting for the 73% of all and that has been for the new infections which came upon the last week as per the federal health officials.

As per new update, The Centres for disease control and prevention numbers has been showing around sixfold increase and that is true in the emigrants share of infections in just seven days.


Do you all believe the new variant Omicron is responsible for percent around 90% or even more for the new infections in the area of New York City.

In the US, during last week the national debt has been suggesting don’t need loan infections at a very bad rate which has been occurred in the US and that rate has been estimated as even more than 6,50,000.

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According to the CDC data, As of the end of the month of June, the Delta variant which has been there has been the main version which is causing the US infections and also recently we got a report that at the end of the November month there would be more than 99.5% of the coronavirus is would be Delta.

Also in other countries no doubt the rate of omicron new variant infections has been much more higher but still the condition is going ahead and cases has been coming.

A statement which has been made by Dr Amish, who is a senior scholar at a health security centre.

So according to him he says that we all will be interacting with the society and, of course if we have a type of life obviously we going to interact with the society somehow, in that case the new variant omicron Will be on the way for all of us, and we will be in countering it so the best way we could be safe on our side and to also go into the society.

We need to be very record did to words all the steps which has been advisable from the viruses and that is we need to be fully vaccinated and that is the best way.


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